15 days to go – Where the RRP stands

LeadCheck Update:

The EPA still has not gotten back to me on the LeadCheck question – I have a letter from the EPA Regional Coordinator saying I heard wrong in class & that it is good to go for testing drywall & plaster. Then on the other hand, we have the EPA’s web site that states what everyone was taught in class – it is not recognized on those surfaces.

Alabama Update:

Well, the Public Comment period ended last Friday. According to the National Center for Healthy Homes website, the Alabama RRP program has been delayed until late 2010 or 2011. Hopefully I will get a response back from the State & will post that information as soon as I get it.  I have to admit, Charles, Sal & everyone at the AL. Dept of Health are really nice, but I still hope that the program dies on the vine.

The EPA & their propensity for…

First, I really have to ask – what is up with you changing your website content so much? While we are at it, what is up with you changing your press releases? The press release was originally dated the 1st where you were saying you had approximately 75,000 trained in 4,400 classes & we should easily see 100,000 trained by the deadline.

Now you magically have 100,000 trained already and you accomplished that in 4900 classes? That is truly amazing that they managed to hold 500 training seminars in 4 days and trained 25,000 additional people. So if I understand this correctly, basically every training organization out there held 3+ classes in that period & trained 50 people in each class.

The EPA response:

As I have mentioned in some earlier posts, many groups have been pushing for a delay to an outright appeal of this regulation. This has actually led to some Congressmen and Senators to question the EPA’s plan & if they will be ready in time. Well the latest response from the EPA to Representative Waxman shows that they cannot even agree on their own numbers even in the letter.  The other interesting thing is that they are trying to change their 235K number from the amount of CLR’s needed to the actual number of jobs that this will affect.

The very last line is an interesting look into their feelings about a delay; “EPA expects that even greater numbers of renovators will seek and obtain training once the rule has been implemented, and that any delay in the implementation date would likely result in far fewer renovators making a decision to complete a training program.”

NAHB keeps on fighting:

The NAHB still seems to keep on working to delay this regulation. They sent a petition to EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson, citing four main reasons: Lack of Trainers, not enough Certified Firms, not enough Certified Renovators, and finally inaccurate test kits. What I find funny is that they bought into the need for the regulation and the EPA’s insistence that the test kit is inaccurate when it exceeded the EPA’s requirements when it was tested by NIST.

Quick break down of Certified Firms by state:

Alabama 16 Nebraska 31
Alaska 14 Nevada 1
American Samoa 0 New Hampshire 24
Arizona 25 New Jersey 92
Arkansas 5 New Mexico 8
California 149 New York 186
Colorado 60 North Carolina 12
Connecticut 41 North Dakota 6
Delaware 6 N. Marianas Islands 0
District of Columbia 2 Ohio 123
Florida 78 Oklahoma 23
Georgia 48 Oregon 21
Guam 0 Pennsylvania 143
Hawaii 3 Puerto Rico 0
Idaho 16 Rhode Island 5
Illinois 184 South Carolina 19
Indiana 68 South Dakota 4
Iowa 2 Tennessee 26
Kansas 21 Texas 83
Kentucky 26 Utah 7
Louisiana 6 Vermont 8
Maine 17 Virginia 68
Maryland 92 Virgin Islands 0
Massachusetts 195 Washington 44
Michigan 124 West Virginia 7
Minnesota 90 Wisconsin 3
Mississippi 5 Wyoming 0
Missouri 87 Grand Total 2331
Montana 7