Let’s Blog Off: Dog Shoots Man?

Ahhh hunting season, you can forget Christmas, as this is the best time of year for many. Shoot, there are still some schools & business that close down for a few days to a week just because it is hunting season.  With over 12 million plus hunters going out every year you know there is bound to be some interesting and funny stories. In this one, man’s best friend becomes the trigger-man (or is that scapegoat) and shoots a guy in the a$$?

Shoot after seeing that video, my BS meter was going off (seriously Dick Cheney got off, there is no need to blame the dog) & it definitely maxed out after reading the article. Well fortunately for the poor pooch & the hunters friends it was more accurately reported elsewhere, and the cops are not as bumbling as they were made out to appear.  For a better understanding of what really did happen, the following FOX 13 report, is not only more accurate, but is also a perfect lead into today’s Let’s Blog Off.

So I can see a few of you out there scratching your head and wondering, just how does this tie into this week’s Let’s Blog Off & didn’t you cover this in that Safety Sunday Article on Hunting Safety? Well this week’s is based off on what made you do a second take, or think differently about a subject. Besides us taking a second look at the actual story, this is also about a lesson learned from a while ago on complacency. Let’s be honest, while one can sit in a firearm safety, hunter course, or almost any other form of training – for the most part it is mainly just words. For more experienced shooters, that familiarization with the weapon and time can easily lead one to become complacent. (We all know that guns don’t just go off – someone has to pull the trigger right)

While I was in Basic at Fort Lost in the Woods (Leonard Wood), we all got an interesting lesson during MILES training (think laser tag with blanks). We had just completed our last sweep for brass, and lined up listening to the Drill Instructor go over safety again as a few still though that it didn’t matter (and were in the proper learning position) – there only blanks right? Well about this time a snake starts slithering its way over to where the drill instructor was standing.  As he is still talking to us, (and returns the misfits to formation) he calmly removes the safety device from the front of his M16 & then proceeds to shoot the snake in the head with a blank.

After the snake twitched a few times & lay still, he proceeds to explain, that a blank can be just as deadly as a live round at close range due to the expanding gas, any un-burnt powder, and tiny metal flakes from the crimping. As for remembering to always treat a gun as it was loaded, another battalion was kind enough to remind us of that lesson when one went off outside their barracks a few weeks later. No, no one was hurt as the individual at the time was doing a safety check into a specialty designed barrel before heading inside. (That this one happened at all is still pretty amazing when one considers how many checks one goes through before ever making it back to the barracks)

As is our custom, below is a listing of all those participating in this week’s Let’s Blog Off which we encourage you to check out. Who knows, maybe they might have an insight into something you haven’t ever given a second thought to…

  • Scott Sliver

    I once met a guy who forgot to disarm his shotgun… he hung it in the rack of his pickup and his son climbed in the truck and the gun went off, killing a person getting into their car parked next to them… in the church parking lot. You just never know… 

  • http://cft411.com Joe Freenor

    Oh, people and their damned guns! The whole subject of
    second looks very much applies to this subject, though, as does any lecture one
    might make on safety. I am a woodworker who takes that subject VERY seriously.
    All it takes is one accident to main or kill, and I am very aware of that. I
    sometimes have occasion to make unusual cuts on the table saw, and I go through
    that process very carefully and ALWAYS do a dry run or two with the saw off and
    unplugged to make sure there will be no surprises when I actually make the cut.
    I am obviously not a hunter, but I cannot imagine handling guns the way some
    people do, simply because of the real and present danger to others.


    • SLS Construction

      Well they are not for everyone, but I am glad you did pick up on how this applies to other aspects of our lives. It really isn’t the tool, the car or even the weapon, as it is someone either not knowing better or knowing better & doing something stupid

  • https://twitter.com/RigginsConst Riggins Construction

    You make a great point.