FAQ: Are all air leaks equal?

When it comes to air-sealing a home many people wonder if all air leaks are as important as others. For most the answer is simple – NO. Without any doubt most professionals will say that sealing the leaks up high (i.e. the attic) is the most important. Below is a form used by Maine which shows their […]

Air Sealing: The Duct System

For many the easiest way to describe HVAC / Forced Air system is to equate it to one’s own heart. With that in mind, the duct system in one’s house is comparable to the veins & arteries in your body. The supply ducts bring nicely conditioned air to all the parts of the house that […]

Air Sealing: Attic Floor Insulation

Adding more insulation in your attic is often seen as one of the easiest ways to help save money and increase comfort in your home. While this is generally true, all too often the items need to be done are either simply overlooked &/or buried. That is one reason why we have held off on […]

Air Sealing: Attic Baffles

Ever wonder why your outside walls feel so bloody hot during the summer, and oh so cold during the winter?  Well unless you have an older home with no insulation, in many cases it isn’t the actual wall, but a popular cost saving measure that is taken by many contractors – no attic baffles being […]