Monthly Home & Garden Maintenance Checklist’s

The Monthly Maintenance checklists were developed to help spread out the normal maintenance chores associated with home ownership, into more manageable portions reflecting today’s hectic schedules. Included in each months checklist, are links to how-to article’s, tips, tricks, and other timely reminders.

We included a gardening and grounds checklist that is mainly based on Hardiness Zone 8. For other zones, you would have to adjust accordingly.

Summer Maintenance:

August and Late Summer Maintenance Checklist

Well I have some good news & some bad news – the good news is that this is the last full month of summer. The bad news is that it is still summer time & if July was any indication, this might not be...Read More »

July Mid-Summer Home Maintenance Checklist

July starts out with a bang with the 4th of July, unfortunately, the heat never seems to let up. Across the US of A, this is generally the hottest month of the year, and when most everyone is headed to a beach or the...Read More »

Early Summer Home Maintenance Checklist for June

Ahhh June, the gateway to the start of summer vacations, some great BBQ’s, spending time with the family, and probably working on a to-do list that is a mile long. In all honesty, while summer does not officially start until the 21st, it sure...Read More »

Fall Maintenance:

Top 5 of 5: Getting ready for ole man winter

I don’t think there is any doubt left that winter is right around the corner. Just this last week when in Philly, I was left scraping my window with a credit card as I hadn’t put the scraper back in the car. As the...Read More »

November – Monthly Home Maintenance Checklist

Welcome to the last full month of fall. Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years are just around the corner and most of us have probably gone from looking forward to the leaves changing colors to hoping they will just hurry up and fall off already....Read More »

October and Fall / Autumn Maintenance Checklist

Well fall is officially here, and many people are looking forward to the leaves starting to change colors. For those of you with gardens or farms we know you will be busy harvesting your crops this month and we hope that your crops are...Read More »

September and Early Fall Maintenance Checklist

Summer is slowly winding down; the dog days of August are quickly going to fade into a distant memory as the leaves start changing. The kids are back in school, which gives you some time to make sure that your home is ready for...Read More »

Winter Maintenance:

February – Winter Maintenance Checklist

Ahhh February, we are now in the second full month of winter and many people in the northern states and elsewhere are starting to feel run down from a lack of sunshine. If you are starting to feel this way may we suggest that...Read More »

January - Mid Winter Maintenance Checklist

Welcome to the start of a New Year, and the first full month of winter. This is the time of the year when many individuals try to wipe the slate clean and start fresh with a list of New Year’s Resolutions. Instead of adding...Read More »

December and the Winter Holiday Maintenance Checklist

Welcome to the first month of winter, which actually starts on the 21st of this month. I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are looking forward to Christmas, New Years or whichever holiday(s) you observe. Seeing everyone is basically scrambling to get...Read More »

Spring Maintenance:

Thursday Tip: Don't forget those bolts

Can you imagine my surprise yesterday when the garage door would only open up about a foot? I was slightly flummoxed as I could manually open it, the garage door opener was working fine, but put together the garage door still wouldn’t go past a foot without the motor tripping. I...Read More »

Hometalk & Guest Post: Top 3 Spring Home Maintenance Projects


A little over a year & a half ago we were referred to HomeTalk by our good friend Paul Hamtil of Hamtil Construction. HomeTalk is a...Read More »

May - Late Spring Maintenance Checklist

May is quite an interesting month. It seems to be a month of first’s and last’s; the last full month of spring, the last day of school, the first of many holidays, the first start to summer vacations, the first gripes on it being...Read More »

April - Spring Cleaning / Maintenance Checklist

April is the first full month of spring, and shortly the kids will be getting out of school, everyone will be heading out on vacation,...Read More »

March – Early Spring Maintenance Checklist

March and the start of spring, is a great time, as it seems to bring out a new life in everything. The trees start to bloom, the animals that were hibernating are coming back out after their long winter naps, and for many individuals...Read More »