BS4D: Termites

Have you ever heard the saying, if you could just keep the water out of homes, they would last forever. Well there is one more character out there which can be just as insidious & even more crafty… This map goes by many names but most refer to it as simply TIPS or TIP Zones which shows the possibility that […]

BS4D: Air Barrier’s

An Air Barrier is technically defined as an item that has been tested to only allow for a certain amount of air to pass or permeate through it. The official standard is that an item should have an air permeance level of less than 0.02 L/(s•m2) @ 75 Pa (0.004 cfm/ft2 @ 1.57 lb/ft2.) In […]

Building Science 4 Dummies: NFRC Labels (Windows, Doors, Skylights)

The NFRC or National Fenestration Rating Council basically tests & labels glass products used on buildings like doors, windows, and skylights. The label will include who the manufacturer is, a brief description of the product, and the official ratings for one or more of performance characteristics for that product. The NFRC’s also has an online […]