Custom Scrabble Tile Wall Art

scrabble tile wall art design

Want to add a special touch to a room, can’t figure out what to do with a wall, or… Well if you like Scrabble or just the look, you can create your own personalized wall art. There are numerous options of how to do this which includes just simply applying stencils to the wall or buying […]

Wacky Weds: Vacation Shots


Ahh vacation time – nothing beats being able to unplug and just relax by the water especially when the temps are as cold as they have been lately. For many of us though we never completely turn off what we do for a living and some things just stick out… I don’t think that is […]

Create your own custom Trivet


Trivet’s are great to avoid damaging your countertops – but trying to find one that matches your décor or will work great for large pans… Well that can be difficult. In my case I had some extra materials laying around after my kitchen remodel so I simply created a few of my own. In this […]

We have moved…


It is official, The HTRC has moved completely over to and hopefully in short order we will have everything worked out and can start really working more on the appearance and layout. In order to keep receiving email notifications of new articles please click: Our RSS feed is now: No worries if […]

RESNET opens up the Registry & a how-to

Since 2012 all certified RESNET HERS Raters that have rated and issued a confirmed HERS Index Score on a house, have had their houses and information entered into a National Registry. Since that process started though no one had access to the data but that is starting to change. For example, as part of the “greening of the […]