Wacky Weds: A Real Water Saver or a Gimmick?

This last week I was at the ACI conference & spotted this booth from ShowerStart talking about an easy to use water saving product for showers & shoot they even tout their WaterSense® label.
Needless to say I was slightly intrigued & stopped in to ask about it. Instead of a traditional recirculating/ recycler system their valve allows the water to run until it reaches 95° & then slows the water flow to a trickle. Once you are ready to hop in your shower you pull the string you end up with almost instant hot water… (hey it’s only 95° & I know most like it hotter than that)

So my question to you – is it a marketing gimmick or a true water saver? If you do feel it is a gimmick, what do you think of the WaterSense label being used for the two showerheads (the 1.5 GPM versions only)?

  • Alpha9147

    I am not a big fan of the auto-shutoff devices as I see the 95 degree temp as being a nuisance over a help, unless you really like conservation. My preference for add-on valve technology is simply a flow control valve. I read a few years ago of a guy who installed it on his kid’s bathroom because his teenagers never looked at the showerhead long enough to notice the valve.

    My personal preference and what I use is the American Standard Flowise 5-1/2 in. 3-Spray Water-Saving Showerhead in Polished Chrome this showerhead starts off at 1.5 GPM, can be increased to 2 GPM and self resets. My wife accepts it which is sometimes the best you can ask for.

    I am hoping someone comes out with similar tech for 1.0-1.5 GPM, but the ones I have seen are not there yet.

    • http://TheHTRC.com SLS Construction

      Thanks & I am not sold on using that item above equals conservation. I hear you on the wife part which yes is a big item. With that the valve may not be your answer as you might want to look more into getting a Water Sense shower head as those are tested to essentially equal what a regular unit puts out.