Let’s Blog Off: Laughter really is the best medicine

Ahhh, another Tuesday, and it looks like another great Let’s Blog Off topic this week. This week’s topic revolves around the question on “What makes you laugh?” As per our custom, we will be listing all those participating at the end of this article, and I highly encourage you to check them out; as I am sure some of them are going to be a riot.

Well instead of just simply answering the answer, I think I would like to take a few minutes to look at that famous quote – namely that laughter is the best medicine. Now if you want to read all sorts of boring studies, and scientist’s thoughts on the subject – fell free to Google or BING it. Personally, I do not need to research it, as I spent a night in a Holiday Inn as I have been there, done that, and got the t-shirt.

As another popular saying goes – stress kills. This can be an issue, not only for those of us that run a business, but even employees. Now in case you don’t want to bother looking that one up, here is an article that came out on this just last Friday (Stress is top workplace hazard, say safety reps.) Now mind you, it was from the UK & based on the second concern (bullying & harassment) it leads me to believe that they actually interviewed a lot of French people on their soil, but the point still stands.

In my case, I was a major Type A person with the desire, drive, and the feeling that I needed to do more, be better, etc… and I was always sweating the small stuff. Laughing was not really in my vocabulary back then. Fortunately, due to a few issues, I managed to actually go and visit a doctor which helped me reevaluate my outlook, see what was important, allowed me to slow down & enjoy life more. I am now a lot happier, laugh quite a bit easier, and have learned to look for the humor in items that would have just infururiated me before.

So back to the original question, I really cannot say there is one thing that always makes me laugh. As you can see by a few of my comments, or possibly poor jokes above, I have a rather dry sense of humor. This might actually explain why I like and can actually understand the British sense of understated humor (Ok – mostly, well… ok, sometimes get…) Along the same lines, I am not really into comedy movies – it seems to be that they try a little too hard to be funny. Ah Twitter, and some of the forums, those can definitely be worth a great laugh occasionally, besides the great conversations.

In closing out this week’s Let’s Blog Off, I figured I might as well close it out with a Christmas inspired comedy. Hey why not, Christmas is only 50 days or so away and lord forbid that the Christmas decorations are already out – so if we can’t change it, why not join em? Oh, might I mention if this is not your type of comedy / easily offended, I recomend that you simply skip down to the posts below for some truly great wordsmiths and probably quite a few good laughs.

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  • Mdemaio1

    You must be a long-lost relative of mine. I also have a dry sense of humor and was a Type A personality, until being hospitalized a few years ago. Reading your post was like looking into a mirror. I’m glad I’m not the only one! :-)

  • Saxon Henry

    Oh Holy Crap! So, so funny!

  • Denese Bottrell

    Such an important reminder. I’m so glad you listened to your body and started enjoying life a little more. The world needs more examples like you.

  • John Poole

    Well, I was expecting to be both entertained and enlightened by your post, but only found myself falling to my knees and convulsing uncontrollably at the sight of that squirrel with the bazooka! Just kidding, of course, but as you know, I have less than an amicable history with them…. :-)

    I agree though, about all your comments regarding stress. In many ways, knowing all you guys on twitter and sharing humorous anecdotes and happenings with you guys, and joking on silly things, like squirrels, is actually probably just about the best stress reliever I have through out the day. Not sure what I’d do now without my tweeps! :-) Thanks for the great posting….

    • SLS Construction

      Ahh the joys of an inside joke – wait until you see the terrorist squirrel pic I have for you.
      For those that might be wondering what the rest of the story is… the original posting on The Hawkins House Blog & the shortened version on Building Moxie.
      Thanks John & everyone else for the great comments below, your support on Twitter & just being a great group of friends

  • Anonymous

    Yep! Sometimes you just have to forget the world and sit back and laugh at it all. It’s a great stress reducer. Sometimes, though, as in the first video in my post for this blog off http://www.energyvanguard.com/blog-building-science-HERS-BPI/bid/32467/And-Now-for-Something-Completely-Different?source=BlogTwitter_And+Now,+for+Somethi), laughing both reduces and creates stress, if you’re doing it when you shouldn’t but it bubbles up and you just can’t stop it.

  • https://twitter.com/Splintergirl Amy Good

    Love the video!!! Yes, you have a squirrel on your post too! Hahaha.

  • http://urbanverse.posterous.com/bye.html cindy frewen wuellner

    Sean, ah cheap Christmas humor! hilarious…. evil trick.

    I never fessed up to Type A, just workaholism. and I loved my job… till I was ready to move on. Dry humor here too, a family trait. thanks for the chuckles. and yr right, its all small stuff. cindy @urbanverse