RESNET & BPI – the Pro’s & Con’s

As I mentioned after my final class recap, I was considering two final articles; the first one was a recap of the training process, followed up by a comparison of the systems. Many people tend to believe that there is no difference between the systems, except for the CAZ testing required by BPI. I can […]

Training Revisted – The battle to be the best

Wow what a long journey this has been, getting all the requisite classes in, the certifications, all the while still taking care of our primary remodeling business. While I have blogged extensively about this process and most of the classes – what would happen if I were to compare them side by side? What happens if we put them all in a ring; who would come out on top? Well let’s find out, and in the immortal words of Michael Buffer – “Are you ready to RUMBLE?”

Days 2 & 3 – BPI Building Envelope Training

Well, I guess I will keep the tradition alive by combining the last two days of class together. I am seriously considering breaking one of my own rules and disclosing at least one or two of the questions. However, before we get to that, let’s correct the issue with the instructors name & take a look first at Day 2 of Building Envelope training.

Energy Auditing Services Update – BPI Certification

As we mentioned back in our Updates & Happenings at SLS Construction, we were pursuing Certification from both BPI & RESNET for Energy Auditing & Consulting Services that we are adding. Well, on Saturday the 2nd we finally received one of the two certifications from BPI that we are currently pursuing. For a recap of the BPI Building […]

Day’s 3 & 4: BPI Building Analyst Training

Well just like the RESNET class I wrote about last week, I decided to combine the last two days of my BPI Building Analyst training from Clean Edison together. I am also happily writing this article from the comfort of my house this time, instead of the hotel room. With that being said, sorry folks, I will not be divulging any of the test questions.