RESNET opens up the Registry & a how-to

Since 2012 all certified RESNET HERS Raters that have rated and issued a confirmed HERS Index Score on a house, have had their houses and information entered into a National Registry. Since that process started though no one had access to the data but that is starting to change. For example, as part of the “greening of the […]

A new label for houses?

For many the following email & idea may come as a surprise. For some of us the only surprise is that they have taken this long to think of it. It appears that RESNET in conjunction with their Energy Smart Builders program would like a new label to use on their buildings. Good idea or no… […]

RESNET & BPI – the Pro’s & Con’s

As I mentioned after my final class recap, I was considering two final articles; the first one was a recap of the training process, followed up by a comparison of the systems. Many people tend to believe that there is no difference between the systems, except for the CAZ testing required by BPI. I can […]